Saturday, 3 April 2010

To Soham and a very busy time with grandson James

A gratifying number of posters are appearing. Here is one I spotted on the way to Soham today.

And another (below) was seen and photographed in Soham itself.

Our grandson, James, lives in Soham and I collected him from his house after collecting the newspapers from the BP filling station where Sue and I often go. I know that filling stations don't make especially exciting pictures, but I don't see why the good and helpful people there - and I am thinking mostly of Julie and Dan and Shaun - shouldn't have a little free publicity on my blog. After all, they have been helping and serving their prospective independent MP for many years. Anyway, here it is -

James was ready for action and here he is, ready for action.

We fiirst delivered about 500 leaflets and had some interesting discussions with the folk who were around at a comparatively early hour. Among those we met were a lady with her dog, Polar. Polar (he really looks like a polar bear) was a rescue dog. Ladies (or gentlemen) who taken in and re-home rescue dogs deserve a medal: I informed the lady thus. 

Then we moved on to the High Street, where, acting as my minder and part-time photographer, James performed perfectly for, as expected, he knew almost as many people as did I. One particular friend of his, Mr Philip Lane, promised us his full-hearted support. I was especially grateful for this for I recall with fondness Philip's late father, Mr Roger Lane, a townsman of Soham who was known far and wide for his generous public service to Soham and to other places and people - far and wide.

Here is James's picture of Philip and I. Yours truly is the older-looking one on the right.

We also bumped into the famous Julie (of the BP filling station) and her 'better half.' Neither James nor I was quick enough with the camera on that occasion. However, two other lovely ladies, one of whom I thought - and said - looked like a younger version of Dame Vera Lynn, were accosted in a shop doorway. They couldn't get away and, to be fair, they didn't seem to want to get away. We had a super discussion. Here they are, courtesy of James with the camera.

The High Street in Soham seemed to be particularly active today and it was wonderful to see so many people and to know that I have such splendid support in and around the town. And it's not just from natives who know me. We met a very nice couple who originated from the Manchester area and have moved to Soham. Their beliefs seemed to be in full accord with ours, which was another rewarding experience for us.

James is going to deliver more leaflets for me so, if anyone sees this young giant around, rest assured that he is a mild-mannered man of civilised habits. He, also, was born in Cambridgeshire and, like his mother, his grandfather and his great grandfather, was baptised at St. Mary's Church, Swaffham Bulbeck. I am very proud of him and very grateful for the work he is doing.

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