Tuesday, 20 April 2010

There are sixteen days until Independents' Day

Bearing in mind that Labour is a lost cause in South East Cambridgeshire, Geoffrey Woollard urges Labour supporters to vote for him as he is in tune with much of what New Labour is and has done.

Bearing in mind that he rarely agrees with what the leading local Liberal Democrats say and do, Geoffrey urges their activists to vote for their candidate.

Bearing in mind his criticisms of Mr James Paice and the Conservatives and his more independent ideas, Geoffrey urges Mr Paice's people to consider voting independent - for Geoffrey Woollard.

Any and all others - for UKIP, the Greens, etc. - will be wasted votes and will achieve nothing.

Most of all, Geoffrey urges electors who are naturally independent - or who are presently undecided - to support him. If elected, he will listen, take advice, think things through for himself and make up his own mind on the important issues of the day, and he will act and vote accordingly, hopefully in the best interests of the whole of South East Cambridgeshire - his life-time home and the home of the ancestors of both his wife and himself.

If you prefer to think for yourself and don't desire a perpetual party-line-toeing politician as your MP, then ......


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