Friday, 9 April 2010

Important message just received: Thanks, Stephen!

Important message just received:

"Geoffrey, I was just briefing my daughters on how to make their votes count (the two in London could help appoint George Galloway's successor, as he is set to move constituency, but they could only influence if they shifted their postal-vote from hereabouts to thataway, as they are entitled). Down here, even the sheep vote Cons. Point being ... that I felt I had to brief them because the dreaded 'Facebook' they all use is allegedly this weekend doing a 'click here to register' feature for the generation that has little interest in any such things. Obviously, all that 'Facebook' can do is offer a print of the usual voter registration/change of address form, to be sent off properly by post. So I just thought I'd mention that element, if you hadn't spotted it already. There might be people in your area who had never thought or registered to vote, but who will get their memory jogged soon by 'Facebook'. Most of them wouldn't much like hare coursing, either."

Thanks a million, Stephen!

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