Thursday, 15 April 2010

The first 'hustings' meeting at Soham - all good stuff!

This report of this evening's 'hustings' meeting held at the Walter Gidney Pavilion, Soham, has to be a brief 'cos it's getting late and bed calls.

In my opinion it was all good stuff. The candidates in attendance were, in alphabetical order: Jonathan Chatfield (Liberal Democrat), John Cowan (Labour), James Paice (Conservative), Simon Sedgwick-Jell (Green) and myself (Independent). Neither Andy Monk (UKIP) nor Daniel Bell (Christian Peoples Alliance) were present.

The meeting was very well and fairly chaired by Liz Johnston, ably assisted by her colleagues of the Soham Town Forum. Questions included ones on the National Trust's Wicken Vision; Freedom of conscience, rights, etc.; Provision of facilities/activities for the youth of Soham; Dealing with the deficit; and thoughts on a hung Parliament.

I have written already to Liz Johnston, as follows:

"Great time this evening, Liz, and thanks and congratulations to you and your colleagues for organising it!

Unfortunately, Sue (my wife) was sitting too far back (through nobody's fault, I hasten to add) and none of the pictures [that she took with our camera] are any good except the first one she took when she was at the front, but before Simon S-Jell arrived. Here it is attached. Sorry!

As ever,

Geoffrey Woollard."

Here is the slightly reduced version of the picture that I sent off to Liz. The people easily to be seen are, from left to right, Matt Killick (Soham Town Forum), James Paice, Jonathan Chatfield, Liz Johnston (Soham Town Forum), myself, John Cowan.

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