Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The on-line Ely Standard - very encouraging indeed!

For the most encouraging political story of the week, go to the on-line Ely Standard at -


This excellent local newspaper is conducting an on-line Poll. The question is, 'Will you be voting in the upcoming General Election?'

No less than 86.27% of respondents have answered, 'Yes,' whereas those who don't intend to participate in the General Election of a life-time amount to only 13.73%.

To me and to many, the apathy of the past seems to be just that - the apathy of the past. I have never witnessed so much interest and I have been involved in General Elections since 1959.

Perhaps it's because, here in South East Cambridgeshire, we have (acccording to the latest reports) no less than seven candidates. At the last General Election (in 2005), there were just three. For the 2010 candidates' names, etc., go to -


I wonder at all this. Is the much larger number of candidates and the much greater interest a sign of the widespread disillusionment with, and distrust of, 'them'? We shall see.

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