Friday, 16 April 2010

We broke open the piggy bank for the nomination

Sue and I have just returned from Ely where we attended at the offices of East Cambridgeshire District Council in order to put in my official nomination form and to pay over the deposit of £500.

I actually drew the money out of Lloyds Banking Group's Newmarket branch (where I have banked for about 58 years) last week, so this headline (above) is not true. But £500 is still £500 and I have full confidence in getting it back on or after the 7th of May.

The form was checked by two lady officers of the Council and there were present two of the most senior gentlemen officers (none of whom are named here lest I embarrass them) and I could not ask for more wise advice and positive helpfulness. I was given a receipt for the deposit and one of the officers kindly took a picture of Sue and I outside the offices and with the receipt.

There happened to be a little dog present, too. I wonder if he/she (I didn't look closely) realised that he/she is now a bit part player in the history of the South East Cambridgeshire constituency.

Here we are outside the offices. Thanks so much, ****, ******, **** and ******!

Here is a scan of the actual receipt.

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