Monday, 26 April 2010

Near disaster on Reach Lode - b****y BAM Nuttall, b****y National Trust and their b****y bridge

I have just received a telephone call from a very irate and distressed friend of mine, County and District Councillor Mr Bill Hunt, of Ely.

Bill (pictured right) said that he and a party were boating on Reach Lode yesterday (Sunday). About half way up the Lode the boating party came upon the site of the construction of the new and huge bridge over Reach Lode, the work being carried out by BAM Nuttall (the same firm that is still in dispute with Cambridgeshire County Council regarding the still un-opened Cambridge guided busway) for the National Trust.

At the construction site, there was/is a red dinghy tied up. I have seen the red dinghy and have a picture of it (see below).

It appears that the red dinghy had/has a rope attached to it in addition to the one that it was/is tied up with.

Bill Hunt's boat's propeller, I am told, tangled with the rope with the result that Bill's boat nearly overturned with the further result that the boaters might have drowned. We cannot afford to lose such as the highly-esteemed Councillor Mr Bill Hunt and/or members of his party by drowning and/or by negligence on the part of BAM Nuttall and/or the National Trust.

Reach Lode is a historic and very popular and well-used public waterway. I advised my friend Councillor Bill Hunt to sue for negligence.

Bill heard what I said and told me that he would immediately be getting on to the relevant people and to the Cambridge News about this near disaster. An irate and distressed Councillor Bill Hunt is fearsome to behold. Watch this space.

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