Thursday, 29 April 2010

The final leaders' TV debate - now I am worried!

I have not been able to watch live the first two leaders' debates on TV because I have been out debating elsewhere. The final leaders' debate was tonight. I watched it and I am now tending towards being deeply worried for my own campaign and chances on Thursday next.

I tried giving Brown, Cameron and Clegg the 'eyes-closed' test. With my eyes closed, it was 100% clear that Gordon Brown is streets ahead of the other two in terms of sound ideas and sheer substance.

With my eyes open, I was beguiled by the pretty boy public school looks of Cameron and Clegg. The latter two, especially the latter one, are so good-looking that one tends to ignore what they are saying, which is mostly slick doorstep-salesman spiel.

But why I am deeply worried? Well, Gordon Brown, for all of his sound ideas and sheer substance, is no pretty public school boy. Neither am I. He is ugly. So am I. He puts on peculiar facial expressions. So do I. He has a 'squiffy' eye. So do I. He sometimes gets tongue-tied. So do I.

Gordon Brown is the oldest of the three leaders. I am the oldest of seven candidates.

Worst of all, for Gordon Brown, he is all Scots. I am one fourth part Scots. Gordon Brown is probably doomed. I may be doomed.

Is there are a chance that the electors will see through all this public school prettiness? Of course there is, because not all of the people are hoodwinked by the slick doorstep-salesman, his spiel and his dodgy products.

There is a chance that Gordon Brown will prevail and there is an even better chance that I will prevail.

Long live the ugly old 'uns who weren't the prettiest boys at their public schools!

Post Script: I have received an amusing reaction to what I wrote above. It reads as follows -

"I was amused by your latest blog entry. I wouldn't worry too much about the competition in SE Cambs. You have a guy who looks like a bald muppet (Paice), a balding LD candidate and a very hairy Green candidate. The rest can be discounted."

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