Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A wonderful evening back at Burwell again

I said that I got rained off last evening in Burwell. I had got just about half way round Ash Grove and Parsonage Close when down came the deluge. Today's weather has been nice and sunny, but cool.

The obvious task tonight was to re-start where I had left off at Ash Grove, which I did. I snapped quickly a piccy of the Burwell Day Centre, which was closed on account of it no longer being day-time. However, the building, in which wonderful work is done and many good meals provided for the elderly of Burwell, was there in all its glory, so here it is.

I am, incidentally and in the context of the good meals provided at the Burwell Day Centre, quite proud of the fact that all of the produce - most of it from the fertile local Fens - that folk give for the annual Harvest Service at 'The Little Chapel in The Fen,' goes to the Centre on the Monday morning following the service, which is held on the first Sunday in every October. Here is a picture of part of the harvest display and offering at the Chapel last year. It was quite a sight.  

So far as tonight at Burwell was concerned, I 'did' the remainder of Ash Grove and Parsonage Close, and then followed on to Abbey Close, Park Road, Parsonage Lane, Priory Close and a bit of Low Road.

It was a wonderful evening back at Burwell but, as U.S. General Douglas MacArthur is said to have said, 'I shall return.'

Finally for now, I have been amused to discover that the fences of South East Cambridgeshire are moving over - so far as fences are able so to do - to my way of thinking. I am, of course, aware that fences sympathetic to me are no more meaningful electorally than the fields, the barns, the hedges and the ditches that are swinging towards the big-spending local Conservatives.

Here is one of 'my' fences. Thanks for making it 'mine,' ******!

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