Monday, 26 April 2010

To Great Wilbraham, Balsham and Linton - again and again and again

The daytime campaigns went to Great Wilbraham for the **th time, to Balsham for the **th time and to Linton for the ***th time, receiving everywhere warm welcomes and, so far as, say, the misguided Afghanistan adventure that is supported by all of the major parties, there was 100% agreement with my line, which is, 'Bring our boys home now!'

Whilst canvassing at Linton, in Harefield Rise, as it happens (are these symbolic things meant to happen? And do the poor old hares know anything of me?), I met a man who was older than I am. He told me about his service in India and Africa during the latter days of the British Empire. I shook his hand, for I was proud to have met him. He then told me that he had intended to vote Conservative but that he was changing his mind because I had got 'a good open face.'

I wonder if these hares (right) are still around.

A little later, I came across another dear friend, a former vice-chairman of the Cambridgeshire Conservative Association and a former deputy head of one of our grand Cambridgeshire Village Colleges. He and I swapped yarns and, again, I was proud of my friends. They are the tops.

I also came across a perfect picture that is illustrative of the very latest Tory priorities. Vote for change? Tell me another one.

And then go tell the poor old hares who may soon become legal victims of the Tory-supported hare coursers. Shame on the b****y Tories!

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