Tuesday, 13 April 2010

But what do I stand for?

This also is from my Election leaflet (soon to be delivered by Royal Mail to every letter box in South East Cambridgeshire):

"But what do I stand for?

I want the electors of South East Cambridgeshire to be put 'on the map' and what a turn-up it would be if they returned a truly independent M.P., un-whipped by any party machine? Mr Paice's predecessors were more independent-minded (Lord Pym, Sir Harry Legge-Bourke and Sir Clement Freud come to mind) and I know that our local electors are very independent-minded. Perhaps it's an historic phenomenon of old Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely. Oliver Cromwell was the most eminent Member of Parliament from this part of England and he was always independent."

I believe that being independent-minded is a pre-requisite of being a proper and useful MP. It is no use being 'constrained' by the party line. There are times - maybe these are the times and maybe the issue is Afghanistan - when the party line is no longer tenable. To Hell with the party line when so many of our boys - 281 to date - have already died in this pointless and wasteful venture.

If elected, I promise to move heaven and earth to bring our boys home.

Above are (left to right) the late Lord Pym, the late Sir Harry Legge-Bourke and the late Sir Clement Freud. They were independent-minded.

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