Wednesday, 14 April 2010

"Politicians fear angry electorate will lead to hung parliament" (The Times, 14th April, 2010)

Here is the link to the article in today's Times that bears the headline above.

I have commented on-line as follows (but those in charge of 'The Thunderer' may not publish my comment):

"This is written from South East Cambridgeshire, where the election is now wide open.

The worst possible result would be - as Mr Francis Pym said - a Conservative landslide because, not only would they bring back fox hunting, hare coursing, stag hunting, etc., but it would also mean the extreme Tory lunatics taking over the asylum.

Some Conservatives want to introduce education vouchers to subsidise the private schools, some Conservatives want to introduce 'patient passports' to subsidise private medicine and BUPA, and some Conservatives want us to get out of the E.U. now, presumably in order for us to become the 51st of the United States of America.

The second worst possible result would be a Labour landslide, for I fear a return of 'Old Labour' and its tradition of thieving Socialism.

The third worst possible result would be an increase in Liberal Democrat influence and power because, judging by what their local people have done in East Cambridgeshire and in Cambridge City, they are not to be taken seriously as capable of exercising power.

The best possible result would be a 'hung' Parliament - not for the obvious reasons - for it would compel co-operation between, say, Labour and the Conservatives, so that the extremists' ideas are excluded and so that the tough decisions that lie ahead have the support of more than just one party.

In this constituency, electors can assist in achieving a 'hung' Parliament by voting for one of the less likely candidates, or they can vote for one of the most likely candidates - Geoffrey Woollard. With me they know that there is no party political line to be toed: I am my own man and independent."

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