Friday, 9 April 2010

Last night's meeting - Swaffham Prior Parish Council

I've been so busy this morning - answering E-mails, making and responding to blog and facebook contributions, talking to my printers and Royal Mail regarding my main leaflet delivery, printing leaflets for today's three-village canvassing and deliveries, reading my opponents' leaflets, papers and newspapers and commenting thereon - that I have not got round to writing a report on last night's meeting of Swaffham Prior Parish Council. All I can say in summary was that it went well and we - the members present and the one member of the public, the ever-loyal and helpful Mr Mike Limb - whistled through the business in speedy manner and almost record time.

I am not one to brag in an unwarranted fashion but I am proud of the fact that, since I became a member of Swaffham Prior Parish Council several years ago, I have not missed a single meeting.

And I was much amused by the Clerk, the ever-loyal and helpful Mrs Karen King, referring back in an old Minute Book of the 1980s and 1990s and picking up on the records of what I had said at that time as the County Councillor.

Were Karen to realise, those records actually go back to September, 1974, when I won the old 'Newmarket No. 1 Rural' County Council seat (then comprising the villages of Bottisham, Burwell, Lode and Longmeadow, Reach, Swaffham Bulbeck and Swaffham Prior) at a by-election following the retirement through ill-health of the late County Councillor Miss Olive Game, of Burwell.

It's all in the history books now and I was not much more than a boy then.

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