Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I guess it's a first time ever in a General Election

I am running a risk and I guess it's a first time ever in any case, but I am including on my blog the link to a video done at Ely (I recognise the scenes and some of the ducks) for and of my principal opponent, Mr James Paice, Conservative. Here is the link.


There is an amusing aspect to this. Mr Paice is 61 and I am 72. I have been taken for his younger brother. Here (below) is a recent picture of me at Little Wilbraham. See what you think.

There is a less amusing aspect to it.

Mr Paice has said that, if re-elected, he will vote for repeal of the Hunting Act 2004.

This means that the so-called 'sports' of hare coursing and fox hunting, banned by the Hunting Act 2004, will be 'un-banned.'

Mr Paice is mistaken if he believes that the electors of South East Cambridgeshire want this.

I know.

I have asked them.

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