Sunday, 18 April 2010

Marvellous Milton - inspirational for both Sue and I

Sue and I went through Swaffham Prior, Swaffham Bulbeck, Lode and Longmeadow and Stow cum Quy this morning. Our destination for the day was Milton, a large and popular village close to the north-eastern outskirts of Cambridge where many people, from Milton itself and from the surrounding area, as well at the City of Cambridge, shop at the Tesco store.

We parked there, collected our newspapers from the store and then set to work outside in the glorious sunshine. We met hundreds of people - that being the point of the exercise - and we found the Milton area responses marvellous. I have no idea what or how our party political opponents are doing and finding, for we've seen nothing of them since Thursday evening, but I found today inspiration, not only to carry on campaigning with renewed energy and vigour, but also to encourage our campaigning in the sure and certain knowledge that it is on the right track and that large numbers of people agree with what I am saying, both verbally and in my thousands of leaflets.

Among the many people we came across was this gentleman with his rather fetching ear-studs. He agreed wholeheartedly with my independent stance.

Then we met two lovely ladies about to do a Saturday shop. They were pleased to see us.

Next, also by the Costa Coffee shop, was a member of the Lawrence family, Mr Hayden Lawrence. I know a large number of this family that has Lode and Longmeadow and Swaffham Bulbeck connections. We could have talked for hours. He pledged support.

I tangled, literally, with a charming lady and the leads of her two equally charming black Labs. The untangling took some time but the time spent was well worth it, because I believe that another vote will be forthcoming.

There then followed a fascinating conversation with a former head teacher from our area. He was also ready with strong support and referred to the others (all of the party political people) as b*****s. I invited him to speak for me at meetings in the next couple of weeks before Polling Day.

Another gentleman recognised and remembered me and congratulated me on the content of my main policy leaflet. He agreed, he said, with every idea and every detail. We've got it right, I reckon. It only came out in casual conversation that a close relative of his (un-named here) had just returned from another tour of duty in Afghanistan and had been awarded a very special medal. I know the details but they are not to be known publicly. Suffice to say that I felt honoured and humbled to speak to the gentleman himself. Sue and I passed on our sincerest gratitude to the exceptionally brave young man. The information that came our way has not changed my mind: I want 'our boys' brought home from that hell-hole - tomorrow if possible. I will not rest until all of our heroes are brought home.

Having met hundreds of people at and near the Tesco store, Sue and I moved on to more of the actual village of Milton, where we delivered many more leaflets and canvassed door-to-door. One of the little closes that we visited was called 'Fox's Close.' I couldn't resist just one picture, though I understand that the close of houses was named for a Mr Fox rather than the animal for whose future welfare I am fighting.

I am not a 'pub' man, only going to pubs for meals, but the pub people of Milton are spoilt for choice for, in just one area of the village, there is a choice of not one, not two, not three, but four pubs with good reputations (and all normally doing excellent meals) and all within the space of a couple of hundred yards or so.

First, there was The White Horse (pictured above).

Then there was The Lion & Lamb (pictured below).

Then there was The Waggon and Horses (pictured below).

Finally, in this part of the village, there was The Jolly Brewers (also pictured). I gather that the latter is closed temporarily.

I guess that the respective hosts of these hostelries will not be looking out for a 'community-owned' pub. This is another of the 'good' ideas being put forward by 'Dave' Cameron's crowd.

Finally, on a more sober note, here is a picture of Milton's War Memorial. Lest We Forget.

Saturdays are always busy and rewarding during General Election campaigns. I thought that last week at Ely was great. Milton today exceeded all expectations and anything that Sue and I have experienced before, anywhere. It was inspirational and we are appropriately inspired, and grateful.

I have a lot to live up to, for the people of South East Cambridgeshire are expecting a lot. My duty is to them and not to any party or party line.

I am different.

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