Thursday, 29 April 2010

Canvassing in shirt sleeves - it didn't last

As you can see, I went canvassing in shirt sleeves today. I should have known. It couldn't last. It didn't last.

I went to Burwell. I got rained off twice. And there were more 'incidents.' Sue went to Woodditton, the home village of many more of her ancestors, my relatives and our friends. More of Sue's doings later.

My 'incidents' in Burwell included meeting large numbers of friends (I was the County Councillor for the village for many years), getting rained off, calling in at Hurrell's, the butchers, for a good piece of beef for the weekend, losing my credit card, rushing home to alert the credit card company, picking up a 'phone call from a Mrs Bircham of Priory Close, Burwell (Mrs Bircham had found my credit card in the street), rushing back to Burwell to recover my credit card from Mrs Bircham, paying Peter at Hurrell's for the beef and rushing round Guyatt Court, Wildacres, Saxon Drive, Mill Lane, Mill Close, etc. I just got into Orchard Way and down came the rain - again - so home again.
Sue did well at Woodditton, too. She was very much on her home ground, for her great grandfather, Frederick William Day (1854 - 1919), lived his latter years in the parish, whilst her more ancient ancestors, members of the Chambers, Deave, Dobito, Holland and Tetsall families were born and lie buried there. I had relatives who lived there, too, most notably members of the Gardner family, of Church Hall and The Links.  

The Three Blackbirds pub used to be run by Sue's cousins, the Hollands, but it appears to be up for sale now.

Finally for now, two doggies caught Sue's eye. They are easy on my eyes, too. How about yours?

N.B. Please note that the happy outcome of my credit card 'incident' happened in Burwell, one of our wonderful Cambridgeshire villages where the gentlemen are gentleman, where the ladies are lovely, and where our neighbours are both honest and helpful. Bless 'em all!

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