Friday, 23 April 2010

The Haddenham hustings - a short report and the candidates' portraits - more 'comment' to be added

Sue and I went last evening to the Haddenham 'hustings' meeting, held at the Baptist Church but intended to provide interest for the people of Wilburton as well. It was another conspicuous success, both for those being 'grilled' and, I hope, for the large and attentive audience. We candidates were kept on a tight rein (rather like the real reins that the late Mr Ron Sulman, of Haddenham, used when he took me for a ride round the village a few years back with his horse and cart: that was a lovely experience and we all miss dear old Ron) by Lady Hughes, who chaired the meeting, and I must keep a tight rein on myself this morning on account of time (we are expected in Ely at 10.30 a.m.). Therefore, this will be a short report but it will contain the candidates' portraits. I may add some more commentary later.

Here are the candidates - all seven were present - in alphabetical order.

Daniel Bell, Christian Peoples Alliance.

Jonathan Chatfield, Liberal Democrat.

John Cowan, Labour.
Andy Monk, UKIP.

James Paice, Conservative.
Simon Sedgwick-Jell, Green Party.

And, of course, myself, Geoffrey Woollard, Independent.

As I have said, there is little time for commentary at present, but I will say one or two things. It is 100% obvious to all that Simon Sedgwick-Jell is the only true intellectual among the long list of candidates. Though he and I don't agree on everything, I enjoy listening to him and I hold him in very high regard.

Where Simon and I do agree is on the vexed subject of Afghanistan. He and I agree that 'our boys' should be brought home immediately from that hell-hole where their lives and our money are being wasted. The so-called 'major' parties all disagree with Simon and I. The people of South East Cambridgeshire think otherwise, like Simon and I.

But Simon stands no chance in this election. I know that I am in with a good chance of winning. That latter statement is based on the solid results of many weeks of canvassing. I know 'my' people. They are reliable. They are with me. I am independent. That is why the people are with me.

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