Monday, 26 April 2010

An interview with Star Radio - 107.9/1 FM - Great fun!

I rushed into Cambridge this morning to record an interview with Star Radio - 107.9/1 FM - and it was great fun, thanks to my new friend, Emma Hougego, the News Editor. Emma is hot stuff in the interviewing department and put points to me that had been sent in by listeners.

The subjects included the Cambridge guided busway; the A14 Trunk road; MPs' expenses; Council Tax; recycling; unemployment and the EU. The most important one specifically for me was, 'What are you going to do for South East Cambridgeshire?' I said that I would speak up loudly and clearly, unhindered by party political policies, party political machines and party political whips, for South East Cambridgeshire and the whole County of Cambridgeshire. That will be my topmost priority. I am different. I am independent.

I was also asked for my reaction to the Labour candidate having been 'suspended' by his party. I expressed personal regret for him and much greater regret for the Labour voters, many of whom, without doubt, would have wanted to vote for a candidate who is not 'suspended.' It appears that Labour voters cannot now do this, though Mr Cowan's name is on the ballot paper.

I told Emma Howgego that I am going all out to get the Labour voters' votes as I am in tune with much of what New Labour is and has done. I specifically mentioned the Hunting Act 2004 which banned the so-called 'sports' of hare coursing and fox hunting. The Tories want to 'un-ban' the ban. Shame on them!

Emma took my picture at the conclusion of the interviewing session.

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