Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Labour candidate John Cowan is sacked after boasting about his sexual exploits online

From the Daily Mail -


My concern now is what the Labour voters of South East Cambridgeshire can and ought to do.

Mr Cowan's name is still on the ballot paper. It cannot be removed. Labour is lumbered with him here.

I made it clear last evening that I applaud much of what New Labour is and has done. Labour voters, many of whom hate the perceived hypocrisy of the Liberal Democrats more than they hate the 'nastiness' of the Tories, should come with me. I will not let them down in the manner that their candidate has. I am different. I am independent. I will put the interests and the people - some of them the 'forgotten' whom Labour has tried to remember and to support - of South East Cambridgeshire first.

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