Monday, 12 April 2010

"Immigration: The Silent Issue" (The Times)

Today's Times includes a perceptive piece about Peterborough and the problems associated with uncontrolled immigration. As it mentions an old sparring partner of mine, former Labour County Councillor Mr Charles (Charlie) Swift (who, like me, is now an Independent), I thought it might be helpful to bring it (the piece) to my readers' attention. I don't agree with all that Charlie (pictured right)  is reported to have said, but the piece is well worth reading and I have commented on line. Go to -

My comment is as follows:

"Charles Swift claimed that Peterborough had been transformed from a community of peace and harmony into one where schools, health services, police, housing and the environment were unable to cope. The newspaper cited the silence of Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg as evidence of a conspiracy to sweep the issue of immigration under the carpet."

"I was a member of Cambridgeshire County Council with Charlie Swift and his sister, Audrey Chalmers. They were both excellent County Councillors. If Charlie Swift, formerly Labour and now Independent, is concerned by the changes made in and to Peterborough in the last few decades, let me assure readers that Charlie Swift is right. We are all concerned and none of the major political parties utter a word. A time bomb is about to go off."

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