Thursday, 8 April 2010

We split our forces - 'tween Brinkley, Stuntney and Ely

Sue and I split our forces again today and it was just lovely for us both being out in some real warmth at last. Sue delivered leaflets and canvassed at Brinkley and, as is to be seen below, she and I have relatives almost everywhere in the constituency. (I reckon that I could do pretty well with just the rellies' votes, but we want rather more than that). Here is Sue with her second cousin, Mrs Gill Tarry, and don't the two of them look good? Sue is 70 and Gill is ... much younger. By the way, the thing that Sue is carrying is not a dead ginger cat nor a dead ginger cat's tail: it's a car key ring holder that is an imitation of a small ginger kitten with a tail. (Sue loves cats of all colours and kinds: I have a 'normal' car key ring holder with a Jeep badge).

I went Ely way. I stopped off at Stuntney and delivered 100 leaflets and some posters (both for onward delivery) to my old friend, Mr Rodney Vincent, formerly of Woodditton (he wrote the book, 'A Tanner Will Do,' about Woodditton and available from good local bookshops and on Amazon), now of Stuntney, and his dear wife, Audrey (whose sister Mary is married to Mr John Woollard, who is not my relative but yet another of Sue's cousins). Anyway, Audrey was enlisted by Rodney to 'snap' the election outfit and what a great 'snapper' she is. Here are Rodney and I putting the world to rights, as we often do, both in conversation and through the columns of the local newspapers. Look out, Stuntney residents: you'll soon be receiving a visit from my friend Rodney. 

I have a meeting of Swaffham Prior Parish Council this evening, so I was not able to spend as much time in Ely as I wanted. However, I met dozens of people there - in Market Street on Market Day - and I called in at the Ely Standard offices to give Debbie Davies, the Standard's editor, an update on the campaign. I told the truth, as always: it's going brilliantly and going my way. I went on 'do' some more of New Barns Avenue and again received vey positive responses.

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