Friday, 16 April 2010

Mr Woollard makes my day - he's Sue's cousin!

I received this message this morning:

"I am amazed by how much you pack into every day. Don't go blowing a gasket. Last Saturday we had one of our frequent evenings with Rodney and Audrey.We agreed that with him in support you were bound to do well ..... but I felt it only fair to point out that in the unlikely event of disaster it is customary for principal backers to bear part of the cost of the lost deposit. Rodney and I have been friends since 1940 so we understand each other very well!

Best wishes,

John W."

John W(oollard) is my wife Sue's fourth cousin once removed. 'Rodney,' his brother-in-law, is my very good Stuntney (and Woodditton) friend and the author of 'A Tanner Will Do,' Mr Rodney Vincent. John and Rodney are, as we say in South East Cambridgeshire, 'Good old boys.' Their respective wives, the sisters Mary and Audrey, are lovely, too, but it wouldn't be the thing to call them, 'Good old gals' (though they are).

Here's the recent picture of Rodney and I at Stuntney. Rodney is one of my best and most loyal supporters - and he won't have any part of any 'lost deposit' to bear, because the deposit (the £500 which all candidates have to pay to take part and that is being taken to the offices of East Cambridgeshire District Council today) will not be lost. The contest is wide open - as everybody knows - and I am in with a good chance of winning.

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