Saturday, 10 April 2010

Bullingdon Boy George is at it again - and wrong again

Today's Times has as its most newsworthy headline:

"Tories to hit banks for marriage tax breaks"

For the report go to -

George Osborne (pictured above right) says:

“It’s not just for married people, it’s also for gay people who are in a civil partnership. I don’t preach about people’s lives, and many marriages fail, but I think we know now from years of evidence that a society where more people are married is a stronger society.”

I posted an on-line comment as follows:

"This won't mend any 'broken society.' Those who wish to 'live in sin' (as some old Tories still spitefully say) will continue so to do. Those like me (who married my only wife for love nearly 48 years ago) will merely laugh at a hundred and fifty quid.

And the bank tax is positively dangerous unless it's international (including Belize).

Back to the drawing board, Bullingdon Boy George!"

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