Friday, 30 April 2010

To Woodditton - again - and Burwell - again

Sue and her part of the campaign went to Woodditton again this afternoon whilst I and my part went to Burwell again. Both were very rewarding in terms of support - again.

I had a most enjoyable discussion with a prominent member of Burwell Parish Council. We put the world generally to rights and he is hovering between me and one of the party political men in this election. I believe that another one will come along with me. He and I are both independent-minded, so it figures.

Here is my picture of Burwell's 'Jubilee Reading Room,' which is not only the parish office (my friend, Mrs Lesley Reader, is Clerk to the Parish Council), but also one of Burwell's polling stations. If I know Burwell, it will be busy next Thursday.

We are now preparing for tonight's 'hustings' meeting at Bottisham Village College, which is on my home ground, the school to which my children and my grandchildren went and on the governing body of which I served for more than 20 years. During that time, we managed to build and to cover a very fine swimming pool for the use of the school and the community. See the following link -

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