Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Are they still wallies? I leave my readers to judge

There's an interesting piece in the good old DT (Daily Telegraph) today. It's by Harry Mount, who is a second cousin of 'Dave' Cameron and it touches - dangerously for DC in my view - on class, the Bullingdon Club and a new play called 'Posh.'

Here is the link to the piece -


Here is my on-line comment:

"I believe that under Tony Blair's leadership, the class warfare of old took a back seat. I have no problem with class nor, it appears, do my prospective constituents in South East Cambridgeshire. What I worry about is wallies of any class being in charge of our affairs and, let's face it, the Bullingdon Boys do look like a real bunch of wallies. The thing is, have such as 'Dave' Cameron and George Osborne grown out of being wallies?"

See what I mean? (I believe that Boy George Osborne is the one on the left - or perhaps it's the right, looking from the rear).

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