Monday, 19 April 2010

New week, new day, new Times - and a comment

Today's (London) Times contains an article by Roland Wilson and Sam Coates entitled 'Tory and Labour rivals set their sights firmly on ‘Churchill’ Clegg.' It is well worth a read at -

Lord (Peter) Mandelson is quoted.

I have commented on-line as follows:

"However, he [Peter Mandelson] left the door open to a post-poll pact, saying that he had nothing against coalition government in principle and citing the experience of his grandfather, Herbert Morrison, in Churchill's wartime Cabinet."

"Lord Mandelson might usefully have gone further back, for one of the most effective coalitions was the National Government of Ramsay MacDonald and Stanley Baldwin from 1931. I would have no problem with a Labour/Conservative coalition with a limited agenda and a large joint mandate to take really tough decisions. I fear that the Lib Dems - with the possible exception of Vince Cable - are incapable of playing a significant part in deciding and doing what is needed."

Here is a fine portrait of the then Prime Minister, Mr James Ramsay MacDonald (1866 - 1937).

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