Sunday, 11 April 2010


A very dear friend has sent this on to me:

THOUGHTS FROM THE FEN (with apologies to Wm. Harrison)

“These Fens have of’ times been by water drowned
And yet the people on the drainers frowned.
Now once again, the Fens the birds will feed
Ignoring, at our peril, the people’s need.
With global warming the malarial mosquito comes -
What are we creating for our daughters and sons?
And how do the statisticians all decide
How many visitors on horses and bikes will ride?
NO! if they come, they will surely come by car….
They won’t walk from Cambridge, it’s far too far!
A car park FOUR times the size would do no harm,
BUT PLEASE, to make it, don’t take another farm."

I have responded to the very dear friend:

"It's superb, Lorna [Delanoy], and thanks a million for sending it on!"

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