Friday, 23 April 2010

Canvassing is just so interesting

Yours truly was in Burwell this evening and I can only say - again - that canvassing is just so interesting. I met several people who were new to me. They promised support. I met a friend who lived in Bottisham but now lives in Burwell. He said, 'Hello, Geoffrey,' and he threw me initially because he was wearing dark glasses. I said, 'Who are you behind those shades.' He took them off and we could both see better. My friend was walking his two West Highland White terriers. Here they are. They are so alert and amusing.

Then I saw the nice new houses that have been built on the site of the old Burwell Railway Station. I was impressed. The residents seemed pleased, too.

My next call was on a dear friend who has had a health problem. Thankfully, he has been fixed up by the good old NHS but he told me that his mother-in-law is in Addenbrooke's Hospital, has had two major operations and has 'been brought back from the dead.' This was news to me - my grapevine obviously isn't working as it ought - and my friend and I shared our opinions of the NHS. They were very favourable opinions.

I also walked past Harlech House, the former home of the late Dr. Eric Arnold Roberts Ennion (1900 - 1981) who was not only Burwell's doctor but also the famous wildlife painter, naturalist and author.

Dr. E.A.R. Ennion's uncle was my wife's great uncle by marriage.

Here (below right) is the cover of one of Dr. Ennion's books, now available from The Land Gallery at -

On my way home from Burwell, I came across more friends driving with a beautiful pony in the Fens. They permitted me to take another picture and to have an extended chat. I am banking on two more votes.

Here (below) is the picture. I love it despite my camera's flash being reflected where it shouldn't be.

The pony's name is 'Blanket.'

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