Monday, 5 April 2010

Birthday or no birthday, Bank Holiday Monday or no Bank Holiday Monday, the show must go on

Birthday or no birthday, Bank Holiday Monday or no Bank Holiday Monday, the show must go on. I have often said that if one hopes for the people's votes one is obliged to go out and meet the people and ask for their votes. The established and major politicical parties seem to believe that their respective party 'machines' will deliver. Well, let them believe it: I do not. I believe that their attitudes smack of condescension and/or of taking the people for granted. I don't subscribe to their attitudes. The people like to be asked and, besides, how on earth can a candidate for public office have a clue as to what people are thinking and saying if he or she doesn't meet the people?

I met many people in Ely today, first at and near the High Barns area. I had stoppped off at the Paradise Sports and Leisure Centre, but nobody else was there, or so it appeared. Maybe the regulars were resting.

Then on to High Barns, where there were many people and not all resting, although the dear little spaniel dog - name of 'Tokyo' - who is pictured below had done so much in the way of walking that he was being carried home. I couldn't resist him - he has a very special face - and his owners were very pleasant, too.

My canvassing was concluded by 'doing' a large proportion of the homes on the new Barrett estate off the Prickwillow Road. Once again I found nice houses and nice people, but I must urge the developers to finish off and open the roundabout at the Queen Adelaide end. It didn't really bother me as I was walking all of the way, but residents are unhappy at not yet having the intended access to their estate.

All in all, a great birthday (though I am now as tired as little Tokyo) and I had dozens of facebook greetings from all over the world. How did we manage in those pre-tech days?!

My grandson stopped by later with a present. The mug is inscribed, 'My Daddy knows a lot but my Grand-dad knows Everything.' Good, innit?

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