Thursday, 25 February 2010

Two more doses of dreadful news from Afghanistan

Whilst I was out at Isleham today and, in a sense, enjoying myself electioneering, there came in two more doses of dreadful news from Afghanistan. Two more of our boys have died. This brings the total of British dead to 265.

The reports of the deaths appeared on The Times and the BBC News websites as follow:

If I thought that something had been achieved 'over there' or that something is being achieved 'over there' or that something will be achieved 'over there,' I would keep my counsel, but my honest belief is that our boys should be brought home before we lose more of them in what is, essentially, a wasteful war with no end in sight.

We and the Americans went into that hell-hole at President Bush's behest to 'smoke out' Osama bin Laden, and what has been achieved aside from the killing and maiming of hundreds of our own soldiers and thousands of Afghans? Nothing.

Osama bin Laden has done a bunk.

We ought to bring our boys home and, if the Labour Government will not decide thus, the Conservatives ought to say that they would.

I am not a pacifist as such, and I would support defence of the Falkland Islands or anything feasible to deal with, say, Zimbabwe, where Mr Mugabe was endorsed by both Labour and Conservatives.

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