Friday, 5 February 2010

To Waterbeach (and Horningsea and Fen Ditton). All great fun and very rewarding!

I spent some time at Waterbeach today and delivered leaflets that read as follows:

"Hello, Waterbeach!

I am here today to explain to you why I am standing as an independent for the South East Cambridgeshire constituency in the forthcoming General Election.

If I don't meet you personally, please read my other leaflets carefully and, if you have any queries, don't hesitate to get in touch. I cannot guarantee to be at home to take telephone calls as I am very busy canvassing , but someone - most likely my wife, Sue - will make a note of your name and telephone number and I will ring you back. If you would prefer to send me a message by E-mail (the address is above), that would be most acceptable, too. I will then reply as soon as I am able.

Waterbeach means much to my wife and I. My Witt cousins lived and farmed at Denny Abbey in the mid-1800s and my wife has close relatives living in the village now. I also recall with great fondness the late Miss Hilda Hatley, who was as independent as anyone. A truly independent MP could and should listen to you, take advice, think things through for himself and make up his own mind on the important issues that affect us all, and then act and vote accordingly. That is what I favour.

Thank you for reading this so far ahead of the actual election date!

Yours sincerely,

Geoffrey Woollard."

This seemed to be received OK when I visited a good farming friend close by Denny Abbey, then a fine old friend who used to live at Great Wilbraham and with whom I worked on the Cambridgeshire Association of Local Councils, and, following more deliveries and more chatting, during a call on Sue's relatives who live in Bannold Road.

Just as I was leaving Waterbeach for Horningsea and Fen Ditton, I spoke to a gentleman who was more alert than I, for he recognised me immediately. His name is Ben and he was in charge of a group who cut and installed some superb granite work-tops in our kitchen back in 1995. At that time, Sue and I were so pleased with the result of Ben's efforts that we asked him to engrave a spare piece of granite with the words 'Ben Woz Here.' We still have this piece and it and the other granite is always remarked upon and admired. I took a good picture of Ben and told him that he would be on my blog by tonight. Here it is, Ben, and thanks so much again!

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