Sunday, 28 February 2010

Never on a Sunday?

I have a computer file entitled 'Silly Old Blogger.' I keep in it my various blog contributions and postings. I am a blogger. I suppose that sometimes I come across as a bit silly. It is certain that I am old - well, relatively old, at any rate.

Why I am saying this? Well, because I have been watching David Cameron do his 'without-notes' performance at Brighton. He did it well, the speaking without notes bit, that is, but I fear that he said nothing of substance, which is what many of us expected.

But what else made this silly old blogger feel slightly uneasy? Why, it was because the performance was done on a Sunday. When I was a Conservative campaigner way back when, we never campaigned on a Sunday. It just wasn't done. I never go out campaigning on a Sunday now. And I still feel uneasy at the idea of anybody campaigning and preaching politics on a Sunday, one day of the week when we can all do without it. (Yes, I know, such as the Andrew Marr show is on TV on Sundays, but we have the on/off switch if we want to use it).

So, Mr Cameron may have 'performed' very well but, sadly, he crossed a line for me and for many that should not be crossed. I will not cross it, ever.

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