Wednesday, 3 February 2010

'National Trust is not meant to be ordinary'

There's an article in the Daily Telegraph entitled, 'National Trust is not meant to be ordinary.'

It is a good critique of the National Trust's activities and I have added the following comment:

"The Trust is one of our greatest institutions ...

It isn't regarded thus in the Cambridgeshire Fens where, in a crazy scheme intended greatly to enlarge the Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve, the Trust is buying up thousands of acres of the finest food growing land in the country to flood it or 'junglefy' it. This is stupid in itself in a time when we need more home-grown food to feed our growing population, but the trouble is that the Trust is also laying on all kinds of 'attractions,' thereby defeating the object of a National Nature Reserve. If it succeeds in attracting thousands more visitors, what will the local wildlife do? It will b****r off. It's obvious: even a blind man could see it, but the Trust can't."

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