Friday, 19 February 2010

In the South East Cambridgeshire parts of Newmarket

I was in the South East Cambridgeshire parts of Newmarket today. Newmarket means a lot to my wife and I. Sue was born there; I courted her there; and we were married at All Saints' Church. We have relatives and friends who live in Newmarket. The biggest beef that I have, however, is that only parts of Newmarket are in South East Cambridgeshire. I asked people what they thought about this silly anomaly that helps nobody except Councillors who 'belong' to Forest Heath District Council, which is based at Mildenhall in Suffolk. The replies were mostly pro-Cambridgeshire and something must be done to sort out this nonsense.

Other concerns expressed were about immigration - I want a slowing down of inward migration to Cambridgeshire and a slowing down of immigration nationally; the rise of the BNP - I am opposed to those people because I believe that they are anti-Semitic, homophobic and Socialist; and our involvement in Afghanistan. Well, readers know what I think about that wasteful venture, so I won't repeat my thoughts here.

I am receiving an increasing number of complaints about potholes in the roads. I know someone who has had no less than three alloy wheels buckled by different holes in indifferent local roads. Cambridgeshire County Council (and Suffolk County Council) need to get cracking or drivers' tempers will soon crack.

Two of the pictures - the Newmarket Stallion statue and the July Racecourse (above) - in this report are of Newmarket scenes in South East Cambridgeshire. The pothole (below) was elsewhere.

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