Saturday, 6 February 2010

Soham on Saturday - lots of voters and lots of support

I went to Soham today. I photographed the town's War Memorial. Seeing the memorial reminded me of a recent discussion that I had concerning the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). I had to explain to the person I was discussing things with that I was not and am not connected with UKIP, despite its title containing the word 'independence.' I am independent, which means that I am independent of all political parties. I make up my own mind. I do not have it made up for me by party bigwigs in Westminster. I do not toe any party line.

The reason that I am not yet attracted to the principal policy preoccupation of UKIP is that there have been no wars between the great powers of Europe since 1945 and that is good cause for rejoicing. We must never go to war with European nations again. The silent memorials in Soham and all of our villages and towns tell us this.

Great Britain is a member of the European Union (though not, thank goodness, using the Euro common currency that will, I believe, soon collapse) and I am pleased that we are so closely allied and tied to most of the rest of the nation states on the continent. However, I do not look to a 'United States of Europe' and I still believe that we British are entitled to secede from the E.U. if and when we should want to. An analogy in history is the belief - which I share - that was held by the Southern States of America prior to the awful 'Civil War' of 1861 - 1865. Those Southern States held that the then Constitution gave them the right to secede from the then United States of America and their view was held by many Northerners as well. When Secession actually came, Abraham Lincoln called an enormous army into the field to defeat the secessionists. By then, it was too late for the Constitution to be upheld and great suffering followed.

If I were to become convinced that our European friends were moving towards the opinion that nation states could never be permitted to secede from the E.U., I would be with UKIP immediately. In the meantime, I hope and pray that the E.U. can be improved, that we can all co-operate peacefully and economically and that European civilisation can continue to be enjoyed for many more peaceful decades and centuries.
As one would expect on a Saturday, I found lots of voters and it was also gratifying to find lots of support. Of course, I am well known in Soham. Soham means much to Sue and I. I am proud to have been a County Council appointee on the Governing Body of Soham Village College. We use Soham Library and the shops. We go to Soham often. We have a close relative living at Soham. We have numerous friends at Soham. Today I met numerous friends, both old and new. Amongst the the latter was the family of Mr Keith Green. Mr Green himself knew me, but his family were new to me. Here is a picture of me with Mr Green and his daughter. We all put the world to rights!

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