Thursday, 18 February 2010

I don't believe in slavery ... but go to youtube

I don't believe in slavery, but I slaved away into the wee small hours to complete a new youtube presentation called 'Geoffrey Woollard - Progress Report.' There are pictures and up-beat music on it and the text - short spurts for speedy reading - is as follows:

"This is a progress report on my campaign to represent South East Cambridgeshire ... In short, it's going really well and I have canvassed most of our communities ... People are very kind and, what's more, I know I have lots of support out there ... I and my helpers have visited Ely, Soham and most of our villages ... Oliver Cromwell, who lived at Ely, was as independent as they come ... Voters are taken with outing the current crowd and having an independent MP ... I had a great time meeting people at Linton on the 1st of February. It was cold ... In Soham on the 6th of February, I met Mr Keith Green and members of his family ... And I photographed Soham's fine war memorial ... The 13th of February saw me at Milton Tesco, along with shoppers and supporters ... We were at Willingham, Histon and Impington on the 16th of February ... The 17th of February saw us busy at Wilburton and Haddenham ...We have even set foot in Newmarket, which is partly in Suffolk ... I knew it: our electors are independent-minded and many are with me ... Most of them support my fight for our Fens and for our food production ... I haven't met anyone who doesn't dislike the 'sport' of hare coursing ... But I haven't come across Clarissa Dickson-Wrong - yet ... ... and I wouldn't want to, even on a dark night! ... But the questions asked of me more than any other are ... "Why are our boys still in Afghanistan?" "What is gained by them being there?" ... Too many young lives have been lost in this wasteful venture ... What about Leeds and Leicester and Luton and London? ... This General Election is not about me. I am old. It's the young ones who matter ... It's also about respect for and trust in our Parliament ... And it's about the future of this great little country of ours ... There'll always be an England, While there's a country lane, Wherever there's a cottage small, Beside a field of grain. There'll always be an England, And England shall be free ... And at what cost?"

The link to the latest on youtube is -

Click on the first or second one down. It should have this 'portrait' as a pointer.

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