Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Independent backing from Cllr. Neil Scarr of Fulbourn

I have received the following message:

"Dear Mr. Woollard,

Congratulations on your efforts to Save Our Fens from flooding, which I totally support, and also on having the courage to stand for the House of Commons without the support of the major parties. I had considered doing the same (to the extent of having a draft leaflet ready for "the off") but under all the circumstances, I think I'd rather support your campaign.

Please get in touch if there's anything I/we can do to help, such as leaflet drops in Fulbourn or the other villages in the Fulbourn County Division where I was recently a candidate and drew quite a lot of support and may even be remembered.


Neil Scarr ... South Cambs District Councillor and Fulbourn Parish Councillor (Independent)"

To which I replied:

"Thanks so much, Neil, and please don't call me 'Mr Woollard' - I'm Geoffrey to everybody, as well you know!!!

I deeply appreciate the sacrifice that you are making in order to assist me. I will call upon you in due course.

As ever,

Geoffrey Woollard."

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