Wednesday, 3 February 2010

To Ely, Little Thetford, Soham, Stretham, Stuntney and Wicken today ...

To Ely, Little Thetford, Soham, Stretham and Wicken today for more canvassing. The line that goes down best is, "Oliver Cromwell [who lived at Ely] was an independent. We need more independent MPs who don't have to toe a party line and who will listen, take advice, think things through for themselves and make up their own minds on the important issues of the day, and will act and vote accordingly."

If elected, I will do all of this, hopefully in the best interests of the whole of South East Cambridgeshire.

Canvassing in Ely was especially rewarding as I met several friends and I also did an interview with Dan Mansfield of the Ely Standard at his office. Dan is an excellent journalist and asked all of the right questions. Christine at reception is most charming, too, and always remembers me and my name. I parked in the Waitrose car park and 'did' Market Street and High Street, and then moved on to Lynn Road.

Amongst the many people I met were a very pleasant young couple, Peter and Emma, with their 13-month-old son, Wesley. A friend of Peter and Emma took a picture of us all just outside The Lamb Hotel and it is now here on my blog (as promised, Peter and Emma!).

I've always loved Ely. I love the City even more now and have a feeling that I shall pick up a considerable proportion of the votes there. Time will tell and, of course, I shall visit Ely many more times during this General Election campaign.

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