Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Good wishes for success from rural Vermont!

We received a surprise telephone call from a cousin of Sue's who lives in rural Vermont. Needless to say, he wished me success in this year's General Election. He wanted to vote for me but his grandfather, who was born in Staffordshire in either late 1880 or early 1881, emigrated to the United States at an early age and that was where he (the grandfather) had children, one of them (an American navy officer) marrying, in 1943, one of Sue's many American Denny cousins. I told my caller (a son from the 1943 marriage in Pennsylvania) that, sadly, he was not qualified to vote over here. He sounded genuinely regretful. I think that our American cousins know only too well how important it is that some decent people are elected here this year. I hope that I am still regarded, by him at least, as 'decent.'

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