Saturday, 6 February 2010

An English brown hare in our garden

Sue has re-found an old photograph of an English brown hare in our garden when we lived at Chalk Farm, Bottisham. She took the photograph herself through a downstairs window. It (the photograph) has survived the years well (as has Sue), but I don't suppose that the hare has survived.

The questions arise, 'Why would certain people want to set dogs to chase this hare and why would they do it for the so-called 'sport' of hare coursing?'

Sir Mark Prescott, Bart., of Heath House, Newmarket, is one of the leading lights in hare coursing along with Ms. Clarissa Dickson Wright, from Midlothian, Scotland. They have political support.

All of these people - the hare coursers and the political supporters - have a cruel and nasty streak in them and I don't like it.

Please sign my NoToHareCoursing E-Petition at -

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