Sunday, 28 February 2010

Shamed MPs can return to the House of Commons

The Sunday Times today carries the following report:

"Disgraced MPs will retain their privileged access to the House of Commons even after losing their seats in parliament.

Almost all will be entitled to a parliamentary pass for life as a result of a secret ruling by Michael Martin, the Commons Speaker who was ousted during the expenses scandal.

In the past only MPs with long service in the Commons have been able to obtain the pass, which gives access to the buildings and meeting places.

The ruling could help departing MPs to market their continuing connections with parliament to political lobbyists. Former members are forbidden from using the pass for lobbying, but there are no safeguards to stop them doing so.

Documents acquired after a two-year freedom of information battle with the Commons authorities show that 25 of the 200 former MPs who have a pass work in lobbying.

Sir Alistair Graham, former chairman of the committee for standards in public life, the parliamentary watchdog, said: “Access to parliament provides an incentive for lobbyist companies to employ ex-MPs.”"

The thought of pigs and a trough comes to mind.

Here is the link to the report -

I have commented on-line as follows:
"Even I am amazed at the amount of distrust and downright hostility being expressed in the streets and on the doorsteps of South East Cambridgeshire (where I am the independent candidate) towards ‘the present lot’ (meaning all of the present lots). It’s going to be difficult to restore trust in Parliament, but it must be done."

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