Saturday, 13 March 2010

To Ely, and the Cathdral, and 'Help for Heroes'

To Ely today for one of the busiest and most useful times of my life. I met hundreds of people, many of whom I knew and many of whom are or have become supporters. Ely is a lovely city and it was at its best now that some better weather has arrived. It was the first time in about six weeks that I have gone without an outer coat. Here is a picture of me at my proudest in front of Ely's proudest possession, the wonderful cathedral. If my overseas readers haven't had the good fortune to have visited England, they have missed this. If they have visited England and have not been to Ely, they have missed this. If they are thinking of visiting England, they must not miss this. It's practically on the doorstep of Sue and I and we are very privileged. We would miss this if we were not here and, if I have the privilege of representing Ely and South East Cambridgeshire in the House of Commons, I shall be even more proud, not of myself, but of Ely.

I also saw a fund-raising stall soliciting assistance for 'Help for Heroes.' This organisation (H4H) was founded by Bryn and Emma Parry after a profoundly moving visit to Selly Oak Hospital in the summer of 2007. Bryn and Emma met some extraordinarily brave young people who had been badly wounded and they just wanted to do something to help. Help for Heroes is strictly non-political. Help for Heroes calls for the people of Great Britain to help raise money for wounded service personnel. The ladies who were running the stall were assured of my support and one of them very kindly took my picture beside their stall. Here it is.

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