Friday, 5 March 2010

Over to Over, and over and over again!

I went over to Over today and again enjoyed myself. There is an amazing amount of support around, not only at Over but everywhere else in South East Cambridgeshire, for this independent candidate, and this independent candidate is very grateful for it. I have to admit that my feet ache a bit, however, for Over, like many of our Cambridgeshire villages, is both Over-large (uh, oh) and 'strung out.' One has to walk miles to in order to visit every house and this is what I try to do.

Not having succeeded today in visiting every house, it is clear that I shall be going over to Over over and over again (uh, oh).

One particular road, which leads to the school and to several other very pleasant residential areas, is called 'Long Furlong' (the street sign is pictured below). Now a furlong is (or was before we were metricated) 220 yards, but I'll swear that this Long Furlong is longer than that. Perhaps it's an Over-Long Furlong (uh, oh, for the last time today).

If one goes over to Over, one may go over via the A14, which is murderous, and then through Swavesey (which is not in South East Cambridgeshire). On the way over from Swavesey to Over, there crosses the road the new guided busway that is intended to make commuting to and from Cambridge easier to and from St. Ives and all 'stations' between. The guided busway is still not in operation. But as the guided busway is not far from Over, I asked a number of people if they thought that the guided busway would be of use to the people of Over if and when it is in operation. The responses were varied. Some complained that they would still have to go almost to Swavesey to get a ride on the guided busway and, in any case, they said, 'What about the [ordinary] bus that comes through Over?'

Another lady stated in forthright fashion, 'It's marvellous!' I thought, 'is?: it's not in operation yet.' She elaborated, 'It's marvellous for walking. We've already walked to St. Ives and back. Of course, it will be no good when the buses are in operaton!'

I bet that the County Council haven't heard of this opinion before.

I also bet that the County Council will soon have to look to its laurels, regardless of the guided busway, because the road between Over and Swavesey is a mass of potholes and probably the worst of any that I have seen on my travels. People who drive, even from Over to Swavesey and back, are very unhappy.

As a former Prince of Wales is said to have said (in Wales, not in Over or Swavesey), 'Something must be done.'

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