Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Stretham was a bit on the nippy side

I had thought that the weather was becoming more Spring-like, but I found the village of Stretham a bit on the nippy side today. The people were warm enough, however, so I have no complaints. Above is a street scene after most of the people had gone back in to their warm houses.

Whilst walking the streets of Stretham, I had the most unexpected meeting with a group of ladies, two of whom said that they knew me. It transpired that one of these knew me through the local newspapers. I asked her if she agreed with my reported opinions. 'Yes' was her answer, loud and clear. The other lady who claimed that she knew me looked me up and down and then said that she remembered me being born - in 1938 - at Chalk Farm, Bottisham. She, also, was born on the farm and she recalled having to walk to Bottisham School - quite a distance. Her father was employed by my late father in the 1930s and early 1940s. Sadly, I could not recall her, but we swapped some unique yarns about 'the good old days.' Here is a picture of us both, taken, as it happens, by another lady who was born at Bottisham and whose father I knew through the Young Farmers Clubs.

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