Monday, 1 March 2010

An afternoon in the deep south - of South East Cambridgeshire

I had an afternoon in the deep south - of South East Cambridgeshire - and, no, it's not all Live Oaks and Spanish Moss. The villages of Bartlow, Shudy Camps and Castle Camps are much like most Cambridgeshire villages but more hilly than some.

They are all in the Southern-most part of the constituency and close to the borders of Essex and Suffolk. They are also full of nice people, many of whom I met and many of whom made very friendly and supportive noises. I met lots of mums and some dads outside the school at Castle Camps awaiting their offspring at the end of the school day and the chat was very well informed. This was a real treat. I always enthuse about the importance of education.

I know that I have said something like this before, but I am amazed at the amount of distrust and downright hostility being expressed in the streets and on the doorsteps of South East Cambridgeshire towards 'the present lot' in the House of Commons (meaning all of the present lots). It's going to be difficult to restore trust in Parliament, but it must be done. If I were a conventional party politician - which I am not - I would be pretty apprehensive about showing my face in the streets and on the doorsteps. When the others get going, they are going to find the going tough.

In order to prove that I was in Castle Camps - and I needed no proof because lots of people saw me and talked to me - I got a young friend to take my picture by the village sign and he did a good job. It's a pity about the old bloke spoiling the picture of the sign.

(Is it the sign that's leaning or is it me? Actually, I think that we both are!).

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