Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Had my ears lowered at Longmeadow this morning

I had my ears lowered at Longmeadow this morning. Andy Hayward, who owns and runs 'Andy's Mens Hair Design,' does a very good job and at a reasonable price. I recommend him highly. A gentleman from Brinkley was next in the queue for a haircut and he said that he was going to vote independent this time. All good stuff.

As I was in Longmeadow, I decided to canvass and deliver leaflets there. The results were splendid, as I might have expected, for I know Longmeadow intimately. My uncle, the late Mr John Weir, farmed at The Grange. Sue and I have many friends who live in Longmeadow. I was the County Councillor for Lode and Longmeadow until 1993, when I was 'retired' by my then party.

I 'did' the whole road and also called at The Grange, where Tim and Cyndy White farm now and I was delighted to see Cyndy, a long time friend and supporter. The Whites have a semi-circular driveway and it was amusing to be told by Cyndy to 'watch out for the rocks at the corner.' I recall the same rocks from 50 or 60 years ago: I think that my uncle had them placed there.

Thanks for the warm welcome - again - Cyndy!

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