Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Canvassing can be so rewarding: today's was especially so

And to Impington this afternoon. I canvassed quite extensively in the vicinity of Impington Village College, one of our great Cambridgeshire secondary schools. This one has a Sixth Form - an 'International Sixth Form,' indeed, as can be seen from the photograph. I was very encouraged to be engaged in conversation with a number of people who not only knew a lot about Impington VC, but were also very enthused by its providing the International Baccalaureate (IB). I have long been a believer in the benefits of the IB and I hope that some of the sterile arguments that go on now about A level examinations may be superseded by the more widespread use of the IB.

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I was also fascinated and honoured to meet a lady and her little Jack Russell terrier - name of Pippa - who (the lady) told me much of her life story and that of her late husband who had fought for us with the 2nd Polish Army Corps in the second World War and had been injured at the battle of Monte Cassino, Italy, in 1944. I heard something of their respective subsequent adventures and felt that I or somebody should write a book about this extraordinary and extraordinarily courageous couple.

Canvassing can be so rewarding: today's was especially so. Here (above) is a picture of Pippa and her mistress.

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