Wednesday, 24 March 2010

BAM Nuttall again in Cambridgeshire - is the National Trust completely crazy to entrust such a firm?

The National Trust people have just delivered to my house yet another glossy eight-page brochure boasting of how wonderful they and their so-called 'Wicken Vision' are.

I learned just one thing from the brochure. The contract for the design and construction of the huge new bridge over Reach Lode has been awarded to civil engineering contractors BAM Nuttall. This is the same firm that was entrusted by Cambridgeshire County Council to produce the infamous guided busway that, despite endless promises to the contrary, has still not opened, is beset by serious faults in its design and construction, has massively over-run its estimated cost, and is increasingly regarded by many locals as an embarrassing white elephant. Is the National Trust completely crazy to entrust their (our?) money to such a firm?

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