Saturday, 27 March 2010

A story from yesterday's Times - I missed it - Sue spotted it - The Times is to be commended

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"Abandoned by their mother when just a few days old after their den was disturbed, these three fox cubs seem to find comfort in a Basil Brush lookalike.

The cuddly toy and a teddy bear are helping to rehabilitate the cubs at the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service.

Trevor Weeks, who runs the animal rescue service, said: “The vixen shot out of a hole and disappeared when some builders started lifting up sections of a concrete patio. They then found the three cubs hidden away.

“Once we had checked them over we returned them to the patio and put them on a special heat pad to keep them warm in the hope that their mother would come back.

“We sat in the kitchen of the house all night watching to see if she would return. She did come but it was very stormy and she was quite young and very spooked and frightened and did not take them.”

Animal rescue volunteer, hairdresser Monica Russell, takes the cubs to work with her at the Definitions salon in Hailsham."

I have commented on-line as follows:

"I missed this yesterday. My wife drew it to my attention. We both believe it to be a charming piece. The Times is to be commended for carrying it. The Tories are to be condemned for planning to bring back fox hunting. Shame on them."

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