Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Spare a thought for Russia and the people of Moscow

In the midst of our General Election, it is easy to give events overseas a miss. I suggest that we spare a thought for Russia and for the people of Moscow.

Here (above) is a picture of just a small part of the death and devastation allegedly caused there by two female suicide bombers. Do we ever give a thought to what sort of monstrous motives must be in the minds of such creatures? It's as if, say, an English lady member of, say, a local Baptist church, were to pack her clothes with explosives, walk into, say, Ely Cathedral, and blow herself to smithereens, killing and maiming worshippers and visitors alike. We English have had our religious, cultural and political differences in the past, but that was hundreds of years ago. What worries me is that there is now an 'enemy within.'

How long will it be before we have another suicide bombing outbreak instigated by 'home-grown' terrorists who are already here? And don't tell me it's our appallingly wasteful adventure in Afghanistan that is either the cause of it all or, indeed, the cure. We have here, as the Russians have in Russia, a growing minority who wish to impose upon us a Sharia-based 'civilisation' that is five hundred years behind ours and is alien to all that we English hold dear.

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